Treatments for Men

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Do men get laser hair removal?  Yes, men absolutely do get laser hair removal as well as a whole range of other aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and chemical peels. Men have the same concerns as women of ingrowing hairs, stubble rash, discomfort, and other problems – not least feeling like they have a rug under a shirt in the summer months, and never having the option of wearing a nice jumper in the evenings because they just get too hot! Men’s Laser hair removal in Lichfield is easily accessible with us as we are based in Lichfield Health and Fitness Club, and a lot of our male clients have commented that they find this a great location to come to! 

What do men get treated when they have laser hair removal?

The most common area for men to have treated when they come to me for laser is their back and shoulders, followed by laser hair removal for chests and abdomens. However they also, like women want to have their ‘bikini lines’ treated (If anyone can come up with a more appropriate word for men than bikini line laser, please feel free to let me know!), and perianal areas, as well as buttocks. I have even treated forearms, hands and fingers, and even legs on men – why shouldn’t they appreciate smooth skin too? It is becoming less and less a ‘women’s thing’! Did you know I also have an amazing little gadget with the Soprano Ice laser that means I can get into little, difficult to reach areas so I can do laser hair removal on ears and noses?! and even the mono-brow, to remove hair between the eyebrows!

Cyclists and swimmers famously shave their legs and body hair – laser makes this a far less traumatic and more efficient experience for the men as well as the women.

Can you treat male facial hair?

The short answer to this is no – male hair growth characteristics and hormonal input make this a very difficult area to treat, and in general I advise against trying it, as results tend to be poor. That being said, with frequent, regular treatments, you may be able to improve problems such as ingrowing hair on the neck, but it could be a costly, long process.

How long does a laser treatment on men’s backs take?

This is a great treatment to do – it is quick, comfortable and often clients fall asleep on the couch as it is so relaxing! It is important that the area is completely shaved before treatment (I can offer this service for a small charge), but once that is done, a full back and shoulders laser hair removal can be completed in around 20 minutes, the same for chest/abdomen. Appointments are repeated every 6-8 weeks until the client decides they are happy with the results – it may not be as crucial for a man to be completely hair free, and they may be happy with a more thinned-out result, compared to a woman for example who wants silky smooth legs. However I always recommend a minimum of 8 treatments, as that this gives around a 70-80% permanent reduction in most areas in most people.

Is laser hair removal on men permanent?

Soprano Ice laser hair removal permanently (and painlessly) destroys hair follicles, by converting laser light absorbed in the pigment in hair shafts to heat. This heat gets to a level where it should destroy the growth mechanism, and tiny blood supply to hair follicles that are in ‘active growth phase’ or Anagen (You can see that the hair is the fullest length it will be, and the thickest, so has the most pigment, and it also reaches all the way to blood vessels, meaning that blood supply will be damaged too, preventing growth). This means that with each treatment, a certain amount of hair is permanently destroyed (usually around 15-20% of each hair cycle) and a proportion may also be damaged – for example when the hair is in Catagen phase, the hair itself is still damaged but it will not destroy the hair follicle. This leads to new hair growth coming through softer and finer, meaning that any hair left tends to be far easier to manage and less likely to cause rashes when shaving etc. With enough treatments, it is entirely possible to get to a point where there are very few hairs left and no ongoing maintenance is necessary, although we never promise that this will happen as everyone’s cycles are different.

Laser Hair Removal for Men Lichfield

How many laser hair removal treatments will be needed for men’s back hair removal?

This is actually impossible to know. I always recommend a minimum of 8 treatments for any body area on any client. This, on average gives around 70-80% permanent reduction in that area, but obviously everyone is different. The gaps between appointments are important too – it needs to be at least 6 weeks, but I’m always careful not to go too long.

Occasionally a top-up or management treatment may be required – some people will do it in the 2-3 weeks before a holiday in the sun (hair takes around 2 weeks to fall out following a treatment, and you need a minimum of 2 weeks after treatment before you can safely go in the sun).

Is laser hair removal on men safe?

Yes! Laser hair removal is one of the safest aesthetic treatments out there – particularly with Soprano Ice! It has a huge research base, and laser technology is improving all the time. The Soprano ice is an amazing laser platform – it is genuinely pain free (we have to say ‘or virtually pain free’ as occasionally it is possible to feel a little zap, but with the right communication during treatment this is few and far between!) and we can treat all skin colours – even black/Fitzpatrick 5 and 6 skin tones. This means the results are fabulous and comfortable – people often fall asleep on our couch!

How do I book?

Our consultations are £30, which is deducted from your first treatment if you go on an book treatment from your initial consultation (if you do not book straight away, the consultation remains £30).