Terms & Conditions

Appointment booking fees and Cancellation Policy
You will be sent a confirmation for your appointment by email initially, and by text message 48 hours prior to your appointment.

A booking fee is required when booking an initial consultation and to confirm each ongoing treatment. This will be held on your account, and only refunded if no further bookings are to be made.
Appointments of 30 minutes or under: £30 booking fee (small treatment areas, all consultations)
Appointments of over 30 minutes to 1 hour: £50 booking fee
Appointments of over 1 hour: £75 booking fee

Booking fee will be forfeit for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice, no-shows on the day, or late attendance or more than 10 minutes. Rescheduling of appointments must be made with at least 48 hours notice.

On the third instance no-shows/late cancellations/rescheduling will be subject to 100% of the cost of the treatment or removal of that treatment from your pre-booked treatment.

If you have a course of pre-paid treatments on your account (these were phased out at the end of 2019 however we have some still ongoing) or pay by GoCardless payment plan
As you have money on account, you will not be charged an additional booking fee as long as the total on your account is at least equivalent to the amounts above. However, if you do not attend or cancel late (see below) your account will be debited by the cost of your booking fee. All other T&Cs remain the same as pay-per-session bookings.

Appointment requirements

Please arrive on time to ensure sufficient time is available to complete required paperwork and the treatment being undertaken. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late you may not be able to be seen and this will be considered non-attendance, and a further booking fee will be required to rebook your appointment. If you think you are going to be late for any reason (e.g. traffic) it is essential that you call as early as you are able to – we will always accommodate where we are able.

Failure to follow pre-treatment advice and requirements may lead to your appointment being cancelled on the day if treatment is unable to take place and this may be considered as a short notice cancellation and be subject to booking fee relative to your appointment. Further treatments may not take place until this charge has been paid.

Initial Consultation and quotation
An initial appointment is required for all skin, laser and aesthetic treatments prior to treatment being carried out to ensure suitability, safety and to construct a plan of treatment. Occasionally, but not always, a minimum of 24-48 hours may be required before treatment may commence. Some treatments will require a period of pre-treatment with homecare products, and this will be explained at consultation. Treatment will not be possible without initial consultation. Patch tests may be carried out at this appointment if client is suitable and it is clinically necessary. The client may be advised to wait longer before commencing treatment if there is a clinical reason to do so (for example, waiting to assess response for laser hair removal on lighter hair colours, to allow sun-exposure time to elapse, to allow pre-waxed hair to regrow etc). Advice will be given of these reasons on the day of assessment. If the client requests to commence treatment despite these reasons, all liability from the company is forfeit. The clinician may refuse to treat in these circumstances. Quotations made at this initial appointment will be valid for 30 days.

Payment plans

All treatment plans may now be subject to a GoCardless standing order system. No additional charge will be added for this service, and the client at any point may stop payments. However, refunds will not be paid on monies already paid through standing order. Treatments may be taken up to the value of payments made, or this amount may be offset against a treatment of higher value.

Booking Fees paid will be offset against the cost of treatment on the day if attendance is made, and no further bookings are made.
Refunds will not be made on treatments already taken, nor on block-booked courses paid in advance for any reason other than on medical grounds. If a refund is agreed on existing block bookings, it will be calculated by deducting the full list price (pay-per-session cost AT THE POINT OF INITIAL BOOKING) of all treatments taken up to that point, plus any charged for non-attendance, from the total price paid, less a 2.5% administration charge.

Vouchers and discounts
Vouchers are valid only for the named person. Vouchers are normally valid for 12 months unless otherwise specified. Vouchers may not be used against products unless specified on the voucher.

The Company will be not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with its provision of any goods and/or services to the client. The client is responsible for ensuring that he/she provides all up to date and relevant medical and personal information relevant to the treatment being provided, and changes to such information at each appointment. No liability will be accepted as a result of failure to disclose such information. The client agrees to comply with instruction, advice and pre/post treatment care information given to them on or on behalf of The Company regarding the areas treated. This does not exclude liability for personal injury resulting from negligence caused by any member of The Company staff.

While visiting therapists are bound to act in accordance with The Company guidelines, the company does not employ them and will not be liable for adverse incidents relating to treatment by them. Individuals must address cases to the therapist concerned.

Complaints should, in the first incidence, be directed to the Nurse and owner, Sally Wagstaff. If further help is required then the complaint should be made in writing to the directors. All complaints will be addressed within 7 days of notification if practicable.