Soprano Ice Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Soprano ice laser hair removal is a brilliant and safe way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, pain free and incredibly effectively!

The world class red light laser hand piece glides across the skin to gently heat hair follicles.

Suitable for all skin types – even dark, Indian, black/Caribbean/African and Asian, and even tanned skin! There really is no need for hair removal to be painful!

Almost all hair colours can be treated – only very fair, grey and white and some red hair will not respond to this laser treatment. Ideally hair should be coarse, but the Alexandrite-wavelength handset ensures finer hair than ever before can be treated.

With each treatment, around 15-20% of that hair cycle is destroyed permanently, and each area is generally left completely hair free for several weeks between treatments. Hair growth slows and remaining hair becomes finer and softer with repeat treatments, leaving skin smooth, without dark shadow from hair growth, and reducing shaving rash, ingrowing hair and sore skin.

How many treatments will I need?

This very much depends! Everyone is different, but, for body treatments, we usually say that 8 treatments gives around a 70-80% permanent reduction. Remaining hair also tends to be softer and finer, however you may still find that you want to continue for a few more treatments.

We cannot control your body’s hormonal response to hair growth. Even people with a really good result may get a new growth sometime after finishing a course of treatments, however catching a new growth quickly usually means only one top up treatment is needed. It is also not unusual to have some areas that need occasional top ups – bikini is common due to the hormonal nature of this hair growth.

Facial hair can be more complicated – first of all there are far more potential hair follicles on the face than on the body (from around 80-100 in each cm2 on the body, to anywhere up to 500 per cm2 on the face), so far more options for the body to grow new hair. It is also very strongly controlled by hormones – and grows more quickly, with a 4 weekly cycle instead of a 6 weekly cycle on the body. On this basis, while we still recommend a minimum of 8 treatments, we try to be realistic and let clients know that they may need more than this and are likely to need some top up treatments moving forwards. Male facial hair is incredibly difficult to treat – testosterone makes the process even tougher! – and we would only treat this in exceptional circumstances.

Transgender hair removal

We are specialists in transgender hair removal, and provide a respectful, discreet and safe environment for anyone hoping to have both facial and body hair removed (this includes pre-surgical genital/intimate hair removal). Our LGBTQ+ friendly clinic is perfect for anyone on this pathway, and can deal with paperwork if someone is being referred via NHS England or other NHS route for funding, as well as private funding.

The bottom line is that everyone is different – and has different requirements, skin type, hair type and hair growth patterns and cycles. Sally’s long experience in laser hair removal ensures we always do the very best that we can to ensure the best, longest term results that we possibly can. Generally, we prefer someone to have started on their transitioning journey, particularly hormone therapy in relation to facial hair treatment, however there are occasions where we will consider treating without this therapy having been started – please ask for advice.

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