Skin Boosters & Profhilo®

What are skin boosters?

Skin boosters are an injectable product, similar in formulation to dermal fillers but much softer and more subtle – they are designed to disperse under the skin rather than stay in one place, which we would want from lip fillers, for example. They are designed to deliver deep skin hydration and are often called injectable moisturisers! They promote a natural glow, plump, add hydration and radiance while smoothing and actively rejuvenating the skin by stimulating collagen production. They have been around for a few years but are only now beginning to become more mainstream, and I am seeing them being used frequently alongside anti-wrinkle treatments as regular non-negotiables for a lot of my clients!

They are made from a combination of lightweight hyaluronic acid gel, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids which are placed into the skin layers to hydrate the skin and stimulate new natural collagen production – they can provide excellent skin regeneration as well as shorter-term boosting of skin condition and wrinkle reduction.

They are great for providing rejuvenation around the eyes or ‘crows feet’, around the jawline, across the chin and cheeks, and even on body areas such as hands, chest, neck and decollete, including crepey skin on all areas of the body such as the stomach, and arms or ‘bingo wings’!

There are various products on the market, including Profhilo, Sunekos, Volite by Allergan, Teoxane, and Restylane, as well as others that are becoming more common. Some may suit different skin types in different ways, so a fun assessment is always required.

What is Profhilo®?

Anyone who knows me knows that I advocate good skincare before injectables – it is fundamentally the basis of all good skin and helps with anti-ageing in a way that – until now- injectables don’t. However, I am overjoyed that we now have the amazing Profhilo® in clinic!

There are various types of ‘skin boosters’ available, but Profhilo® is one of a kind. It is a revolutionary ‘beneath the skin’ treatment, formulated from hyaluronic acid (that really important moisturising ingredient that we all naturally produce in our skins). The clever people at IBSA have formulated this into a super soft gel that is injected just under the surface of the skin, which stimulates dermal (skin) cells.  Hyaluronic acid is ‘hydrophilic’, meaning that it loves water! This technology attracts water into the area – hydrating it and acting as an injectable moisturiser! The action of injecting Profhilo® also stimulates skin cells to reverse skin laxity, improves skin quality, restoring the firmness of the skin as well as remodelling ageing and sagging skin!

Most people get to know Profhilo® because it is commonly injected into the face to counteract lines and wrinkles, and for great anti-ageing skin remodelling. However, you can treat the neck at the same time, and there is also an amazing version for the body! We can treat the Decolette, arms, knees, and abdomen.

Profhilo® is a great treatment for both men and women – it is far less obvious than other types of dermal filler or botox, so often preferred by men who still want anti-ageing but prefer a more subtle type of treatment. For older skin types it is great for active anti-ageing and skin remodelling, but in younger clients it works brilliantly as a preventative treatment against premature ageing.

It’s completely different! Botox is used to stop muscles being as active, to avoid creasing and creating new lines, and to soften and reduce existing lines and wrinkles by preventing the brain being able to communicate with those muscles (effectively paralysing them!). This is a great treatment for subtle line reduction and wrinkle prevention – and is more commonly used on the upper face, whereas Profhilo® is most commonly used on the mid and lower face and body.

Sort of! But not really….

So dermal fillers, such as cheek fillers and lip fillers are formulated in such a way that they are designed to stay put in the areas that they are injected. They are also formulated from Hyaluronic Acid, but are ‘cross linked’ in such a way that they stay in their intended areas, until the body naturally breaks them down.  Profhilo®, however, while being a hyaluronic acid product, is designed not to stay put, but to disperse across the area you want to treat. The bioremodelling injections are made just under the skin, and they travel to form a very thin layer, to hydrate and remodel the skin. It is not visible in the way other types of dermal fillers and lip fillers would be, so are brilliant for those who want a robust anti-ageing treatment, without the downtime and without anything ‘obvious’.

Yes! Clinical data confirms improvements in skin texture, elasticity and hydration with an immediate tightening effect. These Profhilo® before-and-afters demonstrate the kind of results that can be seen with Profhilo®.  Almost immediate smoothing results can be seen within a few days of the treatment. Two-three treatments are needed for best results, and maintenance is needed 6 monthly, but the results also improve with time as the remodelling effects and collagen induction aspect of the treatment take effect.

Routinely 2 treatments would be given 4 weeks apart. In older skin types, or with more severe sagging or signs of ageing, an additional treatment would be given at 4 weeks. For most clients, maintenance treatments would be carried out every 6 months. We offer subscription packages for maintenance, following the initial course of 2 or 3 treatments which can be paid together to benefit from package pricing, and then monthly payments of approximately £55 per month to ensure regular maintenance treatments. Why not combine your subscription with your anti-wrinkle treatments and benefit from additional products and treatments included in your subscription? Just ask for more information about subscriptions!


Choosing to have injectable treatments, whether it is lip fillers, dermal filler, skin boosters or wrinkle relaxing treatments can be a big decision, and one that should not be rushed. So I have put together a handy guide to help you make a safe and considered decision!

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