Chemical Peels

We wanted to remind you all that we are still offering fabulous skin treatments in Lichfield.

One of our most popular treatments are our incredible  Alumier MD Chemical Peels. Many people are concerned when they hear that term and worry that it is something really horrific! It’s really not – in fact they are usually lovely and relaxing!

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment using specially prepared acids (in our case we use preparations of salicylic acid and lactic acid, as well as an ingredient called resorcinol) used to encourage gentle exfoliation of skin cells to increase skin cell turnover. Peels also improve pigmentation, signs of ageing, acne and general skin health.

The acids break down the protein bonds in the skin, encouraging the top layers of the skin (the epidermis) to shed. We only perform what are known as superficial or superficial-medium depth skin, anything beyond a medium depth would only be used in severe cases and should be done by a Doctor. Your peel will expose fresher newer skin underneath, and stimulates new skin cell production to improve skin texture, condition and tone. Regular peels will also help to thicken the epidermis and stimulate collagen production – which is that vital part of our skin’s make-up that gives us volume and definition to our faces.

This is not a new technique! You may be aware that Cleopatra, back in ancient Egyptian times used to bathe in asses milk for her own beauty treatment? That is because milk contains lactic acid (an Alph-hydroxy acid) – a great superficial exfoliant and stimulant for the skin. She was doing the right thing, even if she wasn’t sure why!

How many treatments will I need?

A one-off treatment will leave skin refreshed and revitalised, with a great glow and renewed hydration, while regular treatments can reverse signs of ageing, reduce pigmentation and patchy skin tone and the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea.  The peels are also great for keeping on top of acne and other skin conditions, and you benefit from the great anti-ageing they offer as a happy side effect!

We will make sure that you get the right type of ingredients every time you coe in – our priority for active acne for example would be Salicylic acid for example, and for pigmentation it would be lactic acid, but often a combination of products and ingredients will be used to get you the best result we can.

What are the side effects of a Chemical Peel?

If you were to google ‘side effects’ or ‘results’ of chemical peels, it is highly likely you will find some pretty. horrific images.

Can I promise you that our peels are NOT going to leave you looking like those, and contrary to popular myth, we don’t physically peel your skin off during a treatment – the skin is treated to encourage it to shed it’s own skin cells! You will rarely see much if any visible skin shedding following a peel, although some experience some powdery shedding, and light peeling in some areas. There is generally no social downtime though, and most people are able to continue their usual activities with no-one noticing – except to ask how come their skin looks so fresh!