Anti-Wrinkle Treatments


Choosing to have injectable treatments, whether it is lip fillers, dermal filler, skin boosters or wrinkle relaxing treatments can be a big decision, and one that should not be rushed. So I have put together a handy guide to help you make a safe and considered decision!

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aesthetics lichfield
aesthetics lichfield

Anti-wrinkle treatments, or wrinkle relaxing treatments, can be both injectable and non-injectable, but all are aiming to smooth lines and wrinkles for a younger, more rejuvenated look. Treatments can include chemical peels, radio-frequency treatments, as well as injectables – and this treatment is most commonly known by the name ‘botox’ – which is actually a trade name, the actual product being botulinum toxin.

Anti-wrinkle injections are most often used to treat frown lines, lines in the forehead and crow’s feet, which are the ‘smile lines’ or wrinkles around the eyes. Sometimes, other areas including areas around the mouth (‘gummy smile’), ‘lip flip’ and downturned corners (marionettes), and also a dimpled chin can be effectively treated with anti-wrinkle injections.

The aim of the treatment is to reduce or stop the movement that is causing the crease of wrinkles and allow the skin to recover in that area. It is however important that the skin is still managed properly with appropriate homecare products such as retinol and SPF to get the best results, and treatments alongside with skin boosters such as Profhilo can be great to maintain skin condition.

At your initial appointment you will discuss the treatment, your desired results and what is achievable for you.

“Botox”, which is also manufactured as “Azzalure” and “Bocouture” is a prescription only medication (POM) which requires a face to face consultation. Sally is an Independent Nurse Prescriber, meaning all parts of the consultation and treatment will be carried out by her in her clinic in Lichfield. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire to enable us to establish if you are medically suitable for this treatment. If you are suitable your prescription will be completed and the product can be ordered and your treatment appointment booked. This appointment should take around 15 – 20 minutes, and a review appointment will be arranged 2-3 weeks later. This is to assess how you have responded to the treatment, and you may or may not be offered a small adjustment if it is needed. While small adjustments are included in the initial treatment cost, significant additional doses may be chargeable. it is important to have treatments regularly, particularly for the first 12 months to retrain the muscles in the face, particularly if you have particularly strong frown lines or active muscles.

Anti-wrinkle treatments can be repeated at the most every 3 months, so most people tend to have 3-4 botox treatments every year. You can of course spread the cost of these across the year, in one of our subscription packages.

Anti-wrinkle treatments for men

Anti-wrinkle treatments are also suitable for men, subject to consultation, although men do tend to have stronger muscles so usually need a higher dose to get the appropriate result. This of course will be discussed at initial consultation, and a male supplement will be added in order to allow for the extra product needed. Anti-wrinkle injections are a great low-maintenance option for men, who, (while risking being sexist!) tend to be less inclined to come in for regular skin treatments etc. That’s not to say we don’t recommend always using at least a sunscreen, and obviously regular products and treatments will always help extend and improve results, whatever your gender!

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