Can I pay for my anti-wrinkle skin treatments and dermal fillers monthly?

The short answer here is Yes, you can! 

As with all of our treatments, we can put together an annual subscription to spread the cost. There is no interest and no contract, just that you trust us to do a good job! (Signing up to a payment plan is restrictive, expensive and incredibly long-winded for us, so we decided to work out our own way of doing this!)

How do payment plans work for fillers or antiwrinkle treatments?

We all like to spread payments for things, so we work on 4 anti-wrinkle appointments a year (sometimes 3, depending on your needs), and can include fillers (lip fillers, cheek shaping, or filling of nasolabial folds/marionette lines). The way it works is to add up all the required treatments – and don’t forget we can add skin treatments too – and we take 20% up front as an initial payment, and then break the rest down into 10 monthly payments, which we set up on a GoCardless standing order scheme. 

If you change your mind at any point, you can just cancel your standing order – you are in control of it, not us! If you have any money left after your last treatment, it can be used against an additional treatment, and you could pay the difference if there is one, or you could even use it against products.

FREE sunscreen!

Even better, everyone who subscribes to this kind of payment plan gets their Alumier sunscreen absolutely FREE!! If you subscribe to 4 anti-wrinkle treatments a year, you will get up to 3 SPF/day moisturisers suited to your skin (this should be more than enough – and if it isn’t, I will make sure you have enough to get to the end of the year – if you extend your subscription you will keep getting a new one when the last one runs out*). If you are on less frequent treatments, you will get up to 2 SPFs per year, and you can add other products as you need them.

At the moment, we are running one prescribers’ clinic per month, in the evening of the first Monday of each month from 6-7pm. Individual appointments can be arranged in Tamworth, and if there is sufficient demand, additional evening clinics can be arranged ad-hoc.

And there’s more!!

ALL injectable treatments come with a gorgeous mask treatment at your review appointment. (if you need a dose adjustment, this will happen at this time too). Please note, review appointments must be scheduled between 2-4 weeks after initial treatment, and cannot be held over after this time. 

*a new SPF will be given on receipt of the previous, empty tube.

Initial prescription cost applies – £25