Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation – anti-ageing programmes and pathways

What is facial rejuvenation?

As we age, we lose skin tightness, volume from our faces (and bodies – and unfortunately often gain volume elsewhere!!), we seem to attract lines and wrinkles, sagging, jowls and other signs of ageing! My clients often complain of dullness, loss of their ‘glow’ and just general feelings that they don’t look as fresh as they used to.

Facial rejuvenation is a combination of home care products and in clinic treatments combined to produce the best results to improve skin tone, texture and general youthfulness!

Home care may include a combination of products ingredients to protect, boost, hydrate and moisturise, to exfoliate and increase cell turnover and nourish. These products will be prescribed just for you, and you can order from our online portal, or can be bought directly from Sally in our Lichfield based clinic.

In clinic, this process starts with a robust consultation to discuss all options for facial skin rejuvenation.

What options are there for facial rejuvenation?

Regular treatments are always the best option and often include combining several options to give the best results.

Topical skin treatments:
These include facials and chemical peels, which use a combination of ingredients, layered to produce the desired affect. This may be to reduce lines and wrinkles, hydrate, and reduce pigmentation/sun damage/age spots. They are usually comfortable and can be nice treatments to have, although some may feel a bit zingy or ‘spicy’ as they work within the layers of skin to produce the desired result.

Electronic and needling treatments:
This can include various technical machines and platforms, to include technologies such as radiofrequency skin tightening, oxygenation systems, and ultrasound, for example Geneo+ 4-in-1 superfacial combines all these technologies. Microneedling devices work by creating a ‘controlled injury’ to the skin surface using a series of sterile needles, which in turn stimulates collagen production in the skin. SkinPen Precision is a great choice for this type of treatment, and is usually the treatment of choice for acne scarring and deeper lines and wrinkles, and more aged skin. To treat with needles but with a boost, Wow! Fusion is a superficial needling treatment that combines this great collagen boost with a bespoke combination of mesotherapy ingredients to supercharge results, with very little to no downtime. 

Injectable Skin Treatments:
Over recent years injectable treatments such as dermal fillers, for replacing volume in the cheeks, nasolabial and marionette lines (nose to mouth and mouth to chin lines), and the ever popular lip fillers. Other treatments include anti-wrinkle injections that block acetylcholine in the skin, which stops the electrical impulses that cause muscle contractions. The effect is to temporarily paralyse the muscles in the face that lead to lines and wrinkles, and has a temporary anti-aging result. It can also be used to treat certain medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis, and migraines. However it should almost always be used in conjunction with a robust skin routine for best longer term results. 

No two clients are exactly the same, and everyone’s requirements are different – and most importantly there are no magic wands! By booking a consultation, we can decide the best course of action for you for the best long term results and to slow signs of ageing in the best way.

Many people start on a regular treatment plan – it is by far the best way to ensure ongoing results and skin improvements, and this can be managed in various ways. Sally will always build your programme for you (with obviously room for tweaks and adjustments, because your skin may change over time, and it may need different treatments to the original plan – or you might just fancy something different!). However, we can be reasonably sure what we will do over the course of the year. This can be paid on a per-session basis, or we can arrange an ongoing subscription type package. This entails planning the basic sessions for the year, taking an initial deposit of 15-20%, and then splitting the remaining balance over the following 10 months. Here are some ‘off the shelf’ packages that you can choose – however bespoke packages are very common and can be tailored to your requirements.