Is it worth having just one skin treatment?

Is it worth having just one skin treatment?

In short No. Or maybe yes.

Let me explain!

I think the key thing to determine here is what are you trying to achieve?

Do you yearn for a pampering and a great treatment that will leave you feeling on cloud nine for a few days, perhaps you have a family event, or reunion?

Does your skin feel dry and irritated from wearing masks, or from a change in season?

Have you had a major hormonal breakout that needs jumping on quickly?

Then in all of these cases, yes it is absolutely worth having a one-off treatment!

What treatments are worth doing as a one-off?

For a pampering and a great immediate result (as well as the awesome clinical products and ingredients), I would absolutely recommend a Geneo+ treatment. This is a gorgeous 3-part facial, consisting of Radiofrequency skin tightening, oxygenation and exfoliation, and ultrasound. It is around 1 hour, and leaves you feeling fresh, scrubbed, tightened and glowing!

If dryness and general dullness is a problem, I recommend a combined peel, consisting of an Aqua infusion mask and an Enzyme Retexturing treatment. This will give a gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin bright and fresh, and combining the enzyme treatment with the aqua infusion will give it a huge hit of hydration, leaving your skin plumped and fresh.

For a breakout, jump on it quickly with a clay mask and detox peel, and a 30 minute LED treatment – this should be enough to stop it in its tracks and reduce redness and inflammation.

When is it not worth having a one-off treatment?

For most of my clients, they come to me with concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, acne and rosacea.

While a one-off treatment might make their skin feel nice for a few days, we are not going to resolve any of those issues in a single appointment.

So what is the solution?

My advice is always to put a routine in place to give continued, sustained results and ongoing improvements. This ONLY happens with a good home skin care routine, and regular, clinical treatments.

This can be arranged around your needs, skin type, budget and diary. A couple of active products and the right sunscreen can give better results than you might think. This will give a far better outcome than breaking the bank on every product that Alumier make, doing it religiously for 6 weeks then giving up because it feels too time consuming and then looking at the products on the shelf until they expire…..

For treatments, if you are unlikely to continue them, it is probably better not to pay out unless there is a reason to do a one-off. It is far better to do a few quality treatments throughout the year, than do 6 treatments in 3 months and then never do another one (again, unless there is a specific clinical reason to do this).

You will hear me use phrases like ‘I’m not Harry Potter’ and ‘Trust the process’ quite a lot – the magic is in the process, and commitment to the problem. Trust me to put the right things in place, and you will see continued results.

What does a skin journey look like?

It can look like many things – it could be a course of Wow! Fusion, it could be a course of peels, but more often than not, it involves a few key homecare products (including a variety of personalised cleansers, serums, exfoliants, retinols and moisturisers – not forgetting of course a fabulous sunscreen!), and a combination of clinical grade treatments. For example, your year might look like this:

Month 1 – Skin consultation, homecare prescription given, first week of products to rebuild barrier function (this is your own protective layer). Hydrating Skin treatment/mild chemical peel.

Month 2 – introduce active ingredients e.g. AHA exfoliating serum or a Retinol.

Alumier chemical Peel – this could be a combination of a hydrating mask, and a Radiant 30 Lactic acid peel, or a 20/10 peel (lactic and salicylic acid for oily and breakout prone skin).

Month 3 – skin care review. Advanced Wow! Fusion needling and mesotherapy treatment. (click here to read more about Wow! Fusion)

Month 4 – LED light treatment, Chemical peel

Month 5 – Wow! Fusion needling and mesotherapy treatment

Month 6 – Skincare review, LED light treatment, Chemical Peel

Month 7 – Geneo+ radiofrequency skin tightening treatment

Month 8 – Wow! Fusion treatment

Month 9 – Skincare review, LED light treatment, Advanced Chemical Peel

Month 10, Geneo+ radiofrequency skin tightening treatment

Month 11, LED light treatment, Advanced Chemical Peel

Month 12, Skincare review, Advanced Wow! Fusion needling and mesotherapy treatment.

skin treatment lichfield
before and after of a geneo+ superfacial

So you can see that it is a very hands-on, progressive treatment routine, making sure that homecare products are appropriate all the way along, because as things change, the skin changes. The prescription that you start with may not be the one you finish with – and the treatment process is also flexible, as sometimes you may need something different on the day.

So in answer to the original question So is it worth having just one skin treatment – yes, but only for very specific reasons, otherwise trust the process, commit to solving your problems and allow Sally to guide and support you through the whole thing! book now by clicking the book now button here!