Why do we charge for skin consultations

Before we ask Why do we charge for skin consultations, we should probably explain what one is!

What is a skin consultation?

A skin consultation is a discussion with Sally, our Registered Nurse and skin specialist. It aims to determine what your skin concerns and problems are, what your goals and desires are for your skin, and the devising of the plan required to achieve those goals.

Why do we charge for skin consultations?

Before we treat anyone or prescribe any skin care products, it is very important that Sally has a good understanding of the clients’ current skin type, concerns, and routines. Without that it is impossible to safely recommend homecare products, or confidently prescribe a treatment routine. The products and treatments that we use at Sally Wagstaff Aesthetics are medical grade and contain a variety of active ingredients designed to hydrate, protect, or otherwise treat the skin at a cellular level.

An appropriate skin consultation takes time, and knowledge. Sally’s experience is necessary to ensure the most effective, and safe treatment plan to achieve your goals. This can’t be achieved quickly, so Sally has decided to ensure the consultation is sufficiently long and in depth enough to ensure the right advice is given. To make sure that you get the most you possibly can from the consultation, you will receive a professional skin treatment mask as standard, and we will start you off with your first product – a cleanser that is perfect for your skin type, a fabulous Alumier headband to make sure your face is fully accessible to treat and a mini handbag sized version of the SPF that is right for your skin.

So how do skin consultations work?

We now have two options for initial skin consultations –

15 minute Zoom/facetime skin consultation – this is free of charge (subject to a refundable deposit), and booked in the same way as any other clinic appointment. This short appointment gives Sally the opportunity to discuss basic skin routines, and advise a forward plan, and you will get an initial home skincare prescription and personal login to the Alumier portal. Initially the products that Sally would prescribe would be basic and reasonably simple, in order to start you on your new skin care journey, but without adding any of the initial stronger actives. In order to advance the products that Sally is able to prescribe, you would need to move onto a more in-depth skin consultation.

1-hour 15 min in clinic face-to-face skin consultation – this appointment is for when you are serious about your skin; when you know that it is time to make some changes, and want to invest your time into making those changes. As part of this consultation you will receive:

  • A 1-hour 15 min appointment slot
  • A full skin cleanse and prep
  • Photographs (for your in-clinic record)
  • A full in-depth discussion about your skin, your concerns and current routines.
  • A professional mask treatment, bespoke for your skin type (worth £65)
  • A cleanser that is right for your skin type (worth £29.50)
  • A free Alumier Head band (worth £7.99 where stocks are available) and mini (8ml) handbag sized moisturiser/SPF.
  • A full personalised prescription of homecare products and in-clinic treatment recommendations to work towards your skincare goals.
  • A free upgrade on your first full skin treatment to include an additional treatment layer free of charge.


What might my skin prescription look like?

The first step is to get your home care routine right – without that, you will never achieve the results that you want to with in-clinic treatments. There are a couple of non-negotiables… the most important of those being a daily SPF. Our sunscreens are physical screens, meaning they don’t contain nasty chemical filters which have been shown to cause damage to the skin and can act as endocrine (hormone) disruptors. There is also evidence that they may also contribute to sun damage and even skin cancers over time.

A basic routine with a few key products is essential – and sometimes it can take a while to get into good habits, so often Sally will just prescribe a basic routine of cleanser, serum and sunscreen for a few weeks to ensure good barrier function of the skin, and encourage a good routine. Other products can come later, once you are used to doing a few basics every day (ideally twice a day!)

After that there is likely to be the addition of some more active products, which might include eye care products, exfoliators, retinols and pigmentation serums, depending on yoru skin requirements.

A treatment protocol may come in different forms – sometimes it is just a low-key approach with occasional treatments to keep problems at bay. This could be a recommendation for a treatment every 6-8 weeks, with the right home care. However in more robust treatment protocols, you could see a prescription that includes a treatment every 2-weeks for the first 6-8 weeks, then monthly treatments.

All of our recommendations will take into account your skin concerns, your budget – of both time and money – and what we can reasonably achieve from your skin goals.

All of the protocols allow for time as a big contributing factor – while some initial problems may resolve quickly (redness, some types of breakouts and dehydration for example), most of the treatment plans will be designed to improve the skin over time.

What if I want injectable treatments?

While Sally doesn’t personally offer injectable treatments, she refers all of her clients who want them (for more rapid deep wrinkle relaxing, dermal fillers, lip plumping etc) to the very talented Michelle Worthington, of MWAH (Michelle Worthington Aesthetic Health). If it is appropriate, a referral will be made directly to her from the clinic, and she will arrange an initial consultation that suits you both.

How do I book a skin consultation?

So now that you know the answer to Why do we charge for skin consultations, hopefully you understand that it is a reallly important part of your skin journey. So you want to book? It’s easy! Just click on the Book Now button here! Or call 01543 396609.