The skincare journey from start to…. ongoing!

There are no quick-fixes, no magic potions, and I do not have a magic wand!

I can’t take 10 years off you with a sunscreen and a couple of peels. I can’t stop nature in its tracks.

But – what I can do is far more important! The best results come from patience, consistency and trust – trust in me, the process and the products and treatments that I recommend.

So how does the skin care journey go if you decide to go ahead?

The first stage is – ask! Reach out to me via the website, the facebook page, instagram, twitter, youtube, or even LinkedIn! Oh, and I’m even now on Clubhouse – but I’m not too hot on there at the moment…

Then I normally arrange either a face-to-face consultation, or a zoom consultation while we have been on restrictions, or if it is easier for you. A zoom consultation can actually be quite a good way to find out enough to start you on some basic products, give some advice and then get things moving while we wait for a more personal appointment.

Home care: This is the foundation, and priority for all of my clients. I don’t treat without making sure their home care routine is at least assessed, and I wouldn’t pile straight in with a high strength peel, or a microneedling treatment, without first making sure their own protective layer – their acid mantle, or barrier function, is up to scratch. I mean, you wouldn’t go and pressure wash a wall that had mortar falling out would you? No because you would blast away the last of the structure and any protection that was still there! You would fix the mortar by repointing first, then when it was solid and safe, you could get on with the jet washing!

A sunscreen is the absolute minimum, non-negotiable – and unless you already use it, it has to be a physical sunscreen. Other ingredients, such as hydration and peptide serums, retinol, or vitamin C, and problem-specific products for skin concerns such as acne and rosacea would be added slowly, and in a priority order.

Finally, we can discuss in-clinic treatments (sometimes we will have recommended a home treatment, or done a gentle peel to nudge the skin in the right direction) and ongoing care.

A mix of treatments such as radiofrequency skin tightening, chemical peels, microneedling and wow fusion can be put into place – and a combination can really work wonders!

Some results can happen straight away – within a week or two, some problems can be resolved. this is particularly the case for irritated, reddened skin, (see image one) major breakouts and rosacea issues. Then issues can be looked at in more depth and the right products and treatments put in place. A glow can be returned in weeks, and a healthier skin can start to emerge within 3 months, with softening of fine lines, reduction in rosacea flare ups, reduction in sore, acne-prone skin.

For longer term results, for lifting of sagging skin, softening of deeper lines, removing stubborn pigmentation, removal of scars and the slowing of ageing will take longer – this is where you have to have trust!

So in short
1. book your zoom – a 30 minute consultation will give you recommendations and a personalised product prescription
2. in-clinic consultation +/- a professional treatment
3. regular treatments spaced 4-8 weekly ideally. (less frequent but regular over 12-18 months is preferable to weekly treatments for 6 weeks!)*
4. regular reviews – if we are not seeing you monthly, it is sensible to arrange an in-between zoom, to ensure products are appropriate, and any advice can be given.
5. knowledge! The longer you trust the process, you will get to understand your skin better and better. Initially the treatments and products will be driven by me, but as you start to learn what your skin needs, it can be a more interactive process.
6. gorgeous, glowing skin, with reduced lines, controlled skin concerns and a life-long respect for the quality of products and treatments offered here in our lovely little clinic!

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*sometimes, some intensive treatments in the first 3-12 weeks can be beneficial, and then slowing down as initial problems resolve.