Gut Health – a bigger problem than you might realise!

Gut health is something that is so important to so many aspects of your health. I have realised that gut health is integral to skin care and treatments – so many conditions link back to the gut, and have roots in antibiotic use, leaky gut syndrome, long term dieting, fad diets, eating disorders, and food intolerance. Having realised how important good gut health is, from my own experiences, I now include it into my skin care practice.  It is amazing the changes people can see, sometimes with just a few tweaks! Nothing faddy either 😉

It might be a change in diet, working out what food you are sensitive to, a change in WHEN you eat as well as what, it might be adding digestive enzymes, or probiotics, it might be addressing sugar addiction, alcohol addiction, or maybe a combination of all of these things and more. While I am not an addiction specialist, I collaborate with various specialists who can support the work I do to help you be your very best! Why not ask for more info?

I’m so passionate about this – and I was delighted to have an article in this weeks Express & Star on this very subject! Gut health, your skin and you

So while I can’t be open to see you about your skin in person, I can talk to you remotely about this and help you to make some real changes! *

I can’t wait to help you improve things for the better!

Gut health lichfield
Could it be your gut health?

*consultation £30 for 30 minutes