As a business owner who wants to deliver a quality service at an affordable price, I have considered many times over the years how best to charge for laser hair removal.  I look at salons offering a similar service at a much cheaper price and it’s of course tempting to try and match their fees … but I stay in my own lane and the reasons for this are important.  Not from the point of view of my profit but for the sustainability of the treatment and also for the longer term gain of my clients.

The most important reason is that the laser hair removal offered by Sally Wagstaff Aesthetics is PAIN FREE.  I have no desire to sit for many hours a day inflicting very uncomfortable treatments when there is a better alternative.

I have invested in leading technology (namely the Soprano ICE cooled laser) which ensures a pleasant experience for many (the massage effect of the laser head serves as a double whammy in the treatment) and I’m not having to advise taking pain killers before you come in (again, as a registered nurse I only want you taking medication when you really need to!).  And it is this technology that I am so proud of.  The machine gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively ‘kills’ the hair follicle and prevents hair growth.  The part of the device that comes into contact with the skin is ice cold, so keeping the skin’s surface comfortable whilst it targets the follicles.  

Plus, I can target hairs and skin types which traditional IPL machines cannot get at – while previous types of lasers have preferred light skin and dark hairs for optimal treatment, the Soprano ICE can be used successfully on deeper skin tones as well as finer, lighter hairs.  My machines are more expensive, but as I’ve described, they are worth it for every second of treatment I am able to perform.

Secondly, there are very few people who are able to go through life happily with just a razor that doesn’t leave behind the tell tale signs of shaving, or the uncomfortable burn and ‘chicken skin’ that it can sometimes cause.  So if you consider the cost of alternative treatments such as waxing, which you will need to have done on a regular basis, the overall cost works out far more expensive.  As an estimate, average leg waxing prices are around £30.  Given that most people have their legs waxed roughly every 4 weeks (and some need to do it more than this), then the cost over 5 years alone is £1800.  On top of that many choose not to wax during the winter as their legs won’t be seen – not exactly ideal unless you live alone with a cat.  (disclaimer, I sometimes think this could be a good lifestyle choice!).  So we’ve got £1800 for just 5 years of waxing your legs… then we need to consider armpits, bikini line etc.  It all adds up.

Alma laser

Everyone is different and I will always do a full consultation with my clients to check for suitability but it’s my aim to give a realistic outcome and oftentimes this can be achieved with between 8-10 treatments.  There’s no downtime and no teeth clenching, side-of-the-bath-gripping pain that you generally experience with at-home waxing strips!

Thirdly consider the cost of your time.  To properly have your hair removed you’re best going to a professional who does this all the time – they won’t leave you with the odd bit missed and, let’s face it, it’s nice to allocate diary space to yourself every now and then.  But the reality is, do you honestly want to keep paying for petrol, parking, and all the other little costs that add up when you visit your hair removal expert?  Without adding that on to your £1800 you are likely to be in for about 40 minutes for a full leg wax, plus the time to get there and back.  Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else with your time?  In the 26 hours of treatment time alone across your 5 years of waxing you could learn a new language, start a podcast, watch several Netflix box sets (feed the cats)…. 

So there you are.  If you haven’t really thought about it in these terms before I urge you, for your time saving if nothing else, to invest in yourself and your hair whilst I’m still able to treat you effectively (they haven’t invented a perfect treatment for grey ones yet!)